Maurice Kamhi


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King of The World
by Maurice Kamhi

A charismatic, handsome, precocious young man becomes a film star and discovers experiences and events in life he hadn’t dreamed existed nor that he would be forced to confront and fight to come out of them alive. He finds himself living out Shakespeare’s adage that there were more things in this universe than any philosophy could account for. Such as a woman searching for him through eternities and trying to destroy him.His adventures lead him through bombardments, sword battles, the African jungle, a firing squad, sharks, pythons, merciless dictators, movie stars, and, above all, passionate love.

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Love and Blood in Bosnia
by Maurice Kamhi

Author and actor Maurice Kamhi paints a poignant portrait of the horrors of war and the complexities of love in this epic saga.

The unnamed protagonist of Love and Blood in Bosnia has spent most of his formative years in the United States. Despite visiting Bosnia for short family vacations, he has been thoroughly Americanized. He lives a comfortable life as an actor and writer, although his love life has left him lonely and searching for “the one.”

This staid existence changes when the Bosnian War breaks out in 1992. His beloved uncle Albert and aunt Zuza are still in the country. After he loses telephone contact with them, our hero makes a risky decision—to travel to Sarajevo and rescue them himself. He hires a husband-and-wife team of Croatians as guides and is soon irresistibly attracted to the woman, even in the midst of danger and disaster.

As he journeys through the former Yugoslavia, the protagonist witnesses the horrors of war firsthand. He also learns about his uncle’s adventures in World War II, which he chronicles along with his own present-day exploits. Along the way, he discovers that heroic quests aren’t always as simple as they appear.

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The Rape
by Maurice Kamhi

A sixteen-year-old woman from Kenya who resides in Harlem with relatives invites her school adviser to come to her home so he can counsel her on a problem she's having with her family.  While the young woman is showing the adviser her room, something unexpected takes place that has far-reaching consequences and acutely changes the lives of all the characters concerned.

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All That Lust and Blood
by Maurice Kamhi

In a mysterious and shocking incident, Dan Kahn, an intellectually precocious high school senior, discovers during a gym class that he possesses a knockout punch. At about the same time he discovers he can act. These discoveries and his desire for fame lead to choices that bring him into the world of gangsters, movie stars, exciting women, and terrorists, taking him to Paris and Athens, where danger and love follow.

Some of the characters he meets are Shamaz, a Mike Tyson clone; Joey Mangiacavallo, a mob boss who plays games Roman emperors indulged in; Sandy Wilson, a Julianne Moore look-alike with a sharp intellect, ambitious spirit, and a lusty bent; and an Israeli woman journalist "for whom sex is like Greco-Roman wrestling." Through all this, the mystery that started it all follows Dan and haunts him. To solve this mystery, he has to probe the depths and risk his life.

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Love, Incest, and the Mafia
by Maurice Kamhi

Here's what the book is about: Felicita Pazzi, daughter of Gaetano Pazzi Lieutenant in the Carlo Mangione family, has led a privileged life having ties to such a dangerous man. Felicita having a strict catholic upbringing has been able to fight off her own and others sexual urges. Lately this has become more and more of a challenge. Love, Incest, and the Mafia gives a detailed look into the lives of those in and affected by the mob sparing none of the gruesome details that are commonplace in the ruthless world of the Mafia.

"A shocking, moving mini-movie with an awesome punch."